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Bandhavgarh - RED FLAG.

Posted by: Shivir chordia on


A new season in a Tiger reserve  is always something one looks forward to, there is always news ....news about young cubs, news about the old tigers - how and what they are doing...news about tiger counts - who is showing off ? who is not ?.., news about birds - new winter migrants, etc.. etc ...then there is always news

Bandhavgarh ....are we heading in the wrong direction.....


Folks..i have written about this in the past, and I write again..I firmly believe Bandhavarh is heading in the wrong direction....its a journey which is begun...we must, at all cost arrest this slide...numerous open questions cross my mind...they being..

 - Is the Park

Sure we get all kinds of tourists....noisy, unsensitive and touristy kinda crowd....sure they dont understand the nuances involved in wildlife and eco tourism...but they are there because they have some liking for wildlife hence choose to be at a wildlife destination....the degree of interest is questionable...but the intent is

Not Burning Bright....

Posted by: Shivir chordia on

The reality may be far more deeper and sad to an extent grim ....I would love to be challenged to prove otherwise....but most "Great parks" in India are not great anymore....infact they are hiding the greatest lies of our times. MP / Rajasthan / UP & karnataka the so called Tiger states...have an embarrassment staring at their

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