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Refinery must be shut down

Posted by: Lakshmy Raman on

While Vedanta's proposal to mine for bauxite in Niyamgiri has been rejected, it is vital that the one-million tonne per annum alumina refinery at Lanjigarh, situated right below Niyamgiri, be shut down at the earliest.  The refinery, according to several sources, has habitually flouted environmental standards. Vedanta has been

Finding God in Kaziranga

Posted by: Lakshmy Raman on

I recently read an article about a woman yearning for spiritual satisfaction and failing to find it despite trying everything from Buddhism to yoga and Reiki to shamans.  She finally found it, she says, in a little cottage on the banks of a river -- in the midst of nature.  The piece got me thinking about where I find my peace

It is vital that environmentalists and the media also focus on the problems with respect to agriculture in India, particularly in relation to water supply. More than 60 per cent Indians live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for most or part of their income. India has only four per cent of the world's water resources and

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