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Killing softly, but surely

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

Spread before me is a grassland-a seemingly unending sea of golden grasses gently swaying in the wind, looking not unlike waves rising and falling to the rhythm of the wind. Out of this azure landscape, something, a bird, shoots straight up in the air some two metres high, but before I can catch and ‘paint' the picture in my

Replacing ecology?

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

DNA, August 11 carries an interview of Dr Asad Rahmani, Director, BNHS

Question 1, which pertains the issue of the Navi Mumbai Airport, which has raised grave environmental concerns:

The answer:

"Mumbai needs a new airport urgently as our old airport's infrastructure has been stretched to the limit. There are several factors which

‘Amit Jethwa shot dead' read the SMS received at about 9 pm on July 21st.. I did not know him personally, but I knew Amit, activist, and warrior for any ecological cause--be it the case of an elephant being treated cruelly in a circus or illegal mining in Kodinar bordering Gir or protesting against a shipyard that would impact

My latest tiger story..

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

My latest tiger story...

Dr George Schaller's comment on the story!

Many thanks for the tiger article. It is really superb and should be distributed widely in whatever form possible. Congratulations.


What ails our ‘star' tiger reserves?
Are our politicians serious about saving our big cats?
What needs to be done, and

Gola corridor lost?

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

As detailed in a previous story (Elephants Must forget, https://indianaturally.blogspot.com/search?q=elephants+must+forget), the Gola river corridor, a crucial tiger and elephant corridor that connected the Terai East with the West divisions is all but lost. Already under pressure from boulder mining, possible expansion of an

tiger, tiger....

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

The plight of the tiger is well-documented: Its slipping fortune from a healthy 40,000-odd at the turn of the century to an alarming 1,400 currently; the loss of over 80 per cent of its habitat since then, and the relentless slaughter first for pleasure and trophy; now for rugs and robes and an apparent cure for impotency.


Tiger Tourism?

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

This is a quick response to the ire of those who say i am 'anti-tourism' and the 'hate mails' i get as author of the report on 'Impact of tourism on tigers & other wildlife in Corbett', I would like to point out that tourism infrastructure ie.a mad mushrooming of resorts is destroying vital tiger corridors which are critical to

The Death of a Wetland...

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

A confession...this is not being reported from the field. I have not personally visited Bharatpur National Park, not recently anyway. You could say I have abandoned it in its dire days-I simply do not have the heart to witness the slow death of the wetland, once fecund and so alive with the call and colour of myriad birds. My

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