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I am Hitesh Kamaliya from gujarat ,i am a system engineer as well as nature lover, i also working with gir nature youth club.

"Our motto is save nature,Nature save us"

 Increased numbers, improved sex ratio and more areas conquered - the lion king is healthy and prospering in Gujarat. Chief Minister Narendra Modi declared the lion census figures of 2010 on Sunday which showed that there were 411 of the big cats in Gir sanctuary and surrounding areas. This was a jump of 52 over the previous

 The 2010 census has found 74 lions in the revenue areas of Amreli, Bhavnagar and Junagadh.

Forest department officials said that the figure could have gone up to about 85-90 as those in the revenue area around Sasan were included in the count for Gir National Park. They said the state government is in process of developing new

Whale sharks - the world's biggest fish species - swam the waters of the world even before dinosaurs evolved. And yet scientists today don't even have basic statistics on this endangered species. Exact numbers? Your guess is as good as anyone else's. Besides, breeding grounds of this mammoth fish are a mystery and no one has

 Gujarat, the last abode of the Asiatic lion, has added some more to the big cat pride. Forest officials involved in the lion census in Gir and surrounding areas said an increase of 12-15% has been recorded in the number of lions compared to the 2005 census which had put the count at 359.

"We are putting the number at around

It will be a good few years before the Asiatic Lions are able to enjoy complete privacy in their abode in the Gir sanctuary in Junagadh.
The 376 Maldhari families currently living in the sanctuary area with their livestock will continue to stay there till the state government receives funds from the Centre to facilitate their

The Asiatic lion census in Gir began on Saturday only to reaffirm the fact that lions enjoy a respectable stay in the state and need no other sanctuary anywhere in the country. But one would have to share this pride with Bhanu Odedara, a Porbandar resident who through his RTI applications forced the government to take notice of


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 Gujarat will start counting the number of lions in the wild on Saturday. And, from all accounts, the results of the census, which will take about a week to tabulate, will bring cheer to Gujarat on its Golden Jubilee.

This census is important as some rare poaching incidents have been reported since the last census five years

 After living all their lives without electricity, maldhari community of Jambhutala has found light in solar energy. Jambhutala is an interior village in Gir sanctuary and will be first to be installed with LED-based solar lighting system. The village has around 61 households.

Principal secretary, environment and forests, SK

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New Delhi: With the disappearance of the magnificent Great Indian Bustard, this Earth Day was a glum occasion at the Karera sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh.

Following the Centre's recent approval of a state government's proposal for denotification the area, comprising nearly 32 villages, would be set free for villagers to carry out