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I oscillate between elation and despair as I write of an exquisite nation, blessed with an embarrassment of natural riches, which is steadily being brought to its knees by relentless politicians and planners who find no pleasure in birdsong, or forest smells, or pure rivers.

Forest dwellers and those living around forests should have GUARANTEED employment and livelihoods, but not as conduits to supply forest biomass to bottomless markets. They should in fact be recognised officially as ecosystem farmers - caregivers for Intensive Conservation Units (ICUs) who are respected across the world, whose

People who claim that people and animals can co-exist should wake up and smell the forest. It's burning.

Yes it is possible for dense wildlife populations to live with very thin human populations. Yes it is possible for dense human populations to live with very thin wildlife populations (not the large carnivore variety). But the

With climate change upon us the one gift from nature that has a solution for us, is being ignored and taken for granted.


Hold a leaf in your hand. You are holding an entire factory. A most efficient and specialised food factory. And millions of billions of these little, silent factories work towards supporting life on earth

Man as Brute

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We cannot look upon this as "yet another leopard incident."

We need to make an example of a few of these people because such incidents are fast becoming the norm. Brij, Valmik, Divya and Ranjitsinh and I have been around long enough to remember how hard we have fought to

I will miss you Shyam Chainani

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After a hard fought battle against cancer, Shyam Chainani died on December 25, 2010. I will miss him dearly, as will all those who worked with him and came to know him down the years.

He was one of a kind... tough, fair, very intelligent and internally committed to the notion that the best way to leave a lasting legacy for

Bees in my backyard

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"How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour, and gather honey all the day from every opening flower!"
- Isaac Watts

I used to live in a building called Jaldarshan on Napean Sea Road. I woke each morning to the sound of a kingfisher.

Just outside our balcony, growing out of a sheer rock face, was an outcrop of lantana

Flogging the dead nuclear horse

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One day the world's misguided economists and nucleocrats will share us what they hope to achieve by building so many nuclear plants, when there is not enough uranium to run the world's existing 500+ reactors for more than 40 years. As more get built (to "solve" the climate crisis) the date by which global uranium supplies get


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Perhaps the reducing number of Climate Skeptics from around the world should unite with members of the Flat Earth Society? This way they could could save carbon by holding their meetings in the same

Click here to read the excellent piece that Praful Bidwai wrote. speaks for both India and Pakistan, two nations that share a common fate. Given the fact that almost 30 per cent of Pakistan has been ravaged by flood waters and the fact that rising seas and extreme climatic events are going to cause coastal fresh water aquifers

We must all be players

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It was dry and very hot. At around 3.30 p.m. on a May day, temperatures hovered around 45 degrees C in the shade and the perspiration evaporated almost as fast as it appeared. But this did not bother me. From the bamboo thicket to our left we had heard the bell-like alarms of a sambar deer. A tiger was about. Ten, fifteen,