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I oscillate between elation and despair as I write of an exquisite nation, blessed with an embarrassment of natural riches, which is steadily being brought to its knees by relentless politicians and planners who find no pleasure in birdsong, or forest smells, or pure rivers.


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The Paradigm of Nature: The measure of human progress -- economic or otherwise - must be judged by whether our activities improve the quality of our air, water and lands. This in turn will only be possible if equity is the foundation of human life across the world. Not just

Flying in the face of cyclonic winds, floods, droughts, hottest-ever and coldest-ever days, plus salinisation of coasts thanks to sea level rise, the climate skeptic brigade is up to its dirty tricks again. Just as they did a few weeks before Copenhagen, prior to the climate conference about to take place in Durban they have

Forest Rights Without Forests?

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The battle continues to rage. Forest dwellers must have the right to exploit their lands, even in the heart of biodiverse areas.

That this is resulting in a sythe  cutting through the very forests that are supposed to deliver rights is lost in the enthusiam to deliver 'justice' to long-suffering communities.

But the issue is

The Hidden Message of Dussehra

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Everyone knows that Dussehra commemorates Lord Rama's vanquishing of Ravana and the evil he represents. Running parralel to the legend of the Ramayana and the triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura, however, is the lesser-known tale of the Pandavas who worshipped the Shami tree which safeguarded their concealed weaponry and

Death by Carbon

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I wonder what goes through the minds of politicians and others who know that producing a barrel of oil from oil sands produces three times more greenhouse gas emissions than a barrel of conventional oil. How do they live with themselves?

I often grapple with the power brokers in the energy business from time to time. They

Yesterday, together with Prerna Bindra, I met with the Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate Change, Chaired by Rajiv Pratap Rudy.


We made a presentation to them on the umbilical connection between wildlife, forests and climate change. I was absolutely


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Why do I strongly support the national uprising against corruption? Because, apart from all the personal indignity inflicted by blackmailing opportunists on ordinary, law abiding citizens, corruption is the single greatest bludgeon used by thugs of all descriptions (white collar and no collar!) to deforest India and kill its

The Nuclear Energy Myth

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Nuclear energy is not merely unsafe, it is uneconomical. Carbon neutrality? That's really just wishful thinking for nuclear reactors, if the canvas is expanded to incorporate a 'cradle to grave' scenario. Indian scientists and nucleocrats have learned the art of window dressing cost-benefit analyses from their counterparts

The Future of the Sundarbans

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There is precious little real on-the-ground cooperation between India and Bangladesh on the issue of climate change and the management of the largest mangrove forest in the world -- the Sundarbans.

 We know, of course, that the Indian Sundarbans has better WILDLIFE management and enforcement than the Bangladesh side. And that


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I get several communications from 'ordinary' people who ask what they can do to REALLY make a difference. Of course this depends on their circumstances and the issues that they want to engage with, but here is what I tend to suggest as a sort of first step:

 1. Expose the wrong doing

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