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I am Marketing proffessional working for an FMCG major in India .My passion is wildlife conservation and wildlife photography my hobby.I have been involved with nature since more than 15 years and with each passing day the love for the jungles & nature continues to grow.

Enlighten me !

Posted by: Pranesh on


Apart from general awareness it creates , how does it really help to save the tigers in wild by simply logging on to the campaigns driven by cellular companies & TV channels !

The need of the hour being , the persons who actually patrol or are directly involved in the day to day working in the reserved & unreserved forests

Is this justified ?

Posted by: Pranesh on

The plight of the tourism elephant is a sight to be seen . During my visits to the NP of Kanha , Pench & Bandhavgarh apart from the pristine beauty of the jungles,the thrill of sighting the tiger I couldnt help but notice the plight of the slogging pachyderms ferrying tourist relentlessly to & fro from the resting abode of the

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