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Thoughts on the tiger, climate change, "greening education," and more from New York.


 Dear Mr. President:

             At an Earth Day celebration at the White House on April 22nd, Mrs. Obama was asked whether there is an environmental issue of particular concern to the Obama family. This was her response:

             You know, we’re big tiger-savers, because Malia’s one issue for her father is saving

For the thirteenth straight day, BP's blown-out oil well in the Gulf of Mexico spews out a heartbreaking 200,000 gallons of oil PER DAY. As if this stark fact weren't bad enough, the oil slick, which is a prominent feature in photographs taken by satellites in space, is spreading at peak bird migration and sea turtle nesting

Have you heard the news? After a quiet period of regrouping post the tumultuous and disappointing events at the Copenhagen climate summit in December, 350.org, the international, precedent-setting, grassroots climate change organization is off and running with new plans for 2010...

If you are looking for ways to a)

No Plan(et) B

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

Yes, post the Copenhagen debacle, it's clearer than ever that though there is no Planet B, the political class of Homo sapiens continues to have no Plan B for ensuring earth's safety from anthropogenic climate change. Al Gore is calling for action on climate change legislation by the U.S. Senate by no later than Earth Day

Of Owls and CO2

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

Sometimes, the little things can make your day. This morning for the second time, I heard the hooting and trilling of an Eastern screech owl, Otus asio in some tall trees just in front of my apartment, on the shores of the Hudson River. Though screech owls are plentiful, they are usually found in deeper woods than the ones

America, Where are You?

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

The eyes of the world were on President Obama today as he addressed the U.N. on climate change. Throughout his presidential campaign, Mr. Obama promised a sea change in U.S. climate change policy. Much has happened domestically in the eight short months since Mr. Obama took office, but just weeks before the beginning of the

India has Green Kid Power

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

I'm just back from a trip to India, where my 14-year-old daughter and I attended the Sanctuary/Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) Fifth Bengal Tiger Consultation at the Nehru Library in Delhi. The new Minister of Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh was a visible presence (promising to do everything in his power to save

Earth Hour 2009

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

My daughter Julia and I, and friends and family across New York City and the northeastern U.S., are about to turn our lights out for 60 minutes of Earth Hour 2009... it is 8:18 pm and counting... last light to go out will be the one by the front door... we will arrange candles in the shape of 3-5-0 and take a photo of them to


Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

Restless crowds grow calmer when they chant the name. The name, and the man, represent so much, to so many people. It's a remarkable time to be American, to feel, what, pride in country? So many of us, for so long, have felt alienated by, disassociated from, our own country, preferring to think of ourselves as global citizens,

Nature Nurtures

Posted by: Jennifer Scarlott on

The days are short here in New York. The pale winter sunlight fades by 4:30 in the afternoon, giving way to interminably long, pitch-black nights. Icicles lengthen, new snow falls upon old. Giant lily pads of ice form on the river, making me wonder when I will spot my first ice frog, hopping from pad to pad. Across the river,

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