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Thoughts on the tiger, climate change, "greening education," and more from New York.

I'm writing this from a little airport motel room in Madrid, unfortunately having to miss the last day of WILD10 due to obligations back home in New York City...

As I type, listening to the traffic on the street a few floors below my windows, I can picture the brilliantly lit spires, towers, and domes of medieval Salamanca,

What do creative conservationist Asher Jay, peer-reviewed Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman, Tracks of Giants genius Ian McCallum and UK environmental writer George Monbiot have in common? They're all at WILD10, and they are wowing the audience, the media, and the public with the creative and passionate ways that they are

WILD10 in Full Swing!

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The 10th World Wilderness Congress (WILD10) is in full swing in the magnificent, medieval city of Salamanca in northwest Spain. Day one, (10/4) began with a traditional blessing by indigenous people from Montana and Brazil. Spanish officials welcomed the WILD10 delegates to Spain, and expressed strong support for rewilding

On the cusp of WILD10!

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How extraordinary it is to work on wilderness and biodiversity and climate in a medieval city in rural Spain, with such a lovely group of international citizens joined together in a common purpose that Vance Martin (President, The WILD Foundation) described so eloquently tonight, while sitting at a long conference table in a

During the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to be the leader who would "end the tyranny of oil." 

 As of this date, President Obama has failed in his oft-repeated pledge to lead on climate change.

In a few hours, I will board a charter bus full of citizens and activists and environmentalists from New York

I was so happy. My daughter was settled in at a remarkable, small school/organic farm in Vermont for the next few months, looking ahead to a curriculum famous for its emphasis on environmental studies and sustainability. Her education, at least for this season, was going to be nearly as progressive as it gets in the U.S. She

For an incisive overview of the history, and perils, of nuclear power, you can do no better than to read Jonathan Schell, author of The Fate of the Earth, Abolition, and The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger.

 Interested in following the post-Fukushima (not that the crisis there is over!) nuclear debate in the

Fateh Singh Rathore
Photo: Tiger Watch.

How is it possible that we have lost Fateh Singh Rathore, Ranthambhore's and India's preeminent "Tiger Man"? How is it possible that tigers have lost one of their greatest champions?

Over the next days and weeks there will be many memoirs and blog posts on this site and others about Fateh--he was a mentor,

Ah the communal joys of citizen action, organized to block the transport of highly radioactive materials through sleepy German towns...

Sorry, I don't seem to know how to insert links into my blog posts as yet (technically challenged!), but please do copy and paste this link into your own browser, and check out these remarkable

The year 2011 (can it be?!)... Are we any closer to climate sanity? I want to provide Sanctuary readers with three quick links from over here in the U.S. (land of climate intransigence), to bring you up-to-date on some of the better climate activism and commentary, and hopefully, inspire you to further action wherever you