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Give wider berth to Nilgiri Tahr

Posted by: Suresh K L on

Being endemic to South-Western ghats, Niligiri Tahr occurs in a few protected parks of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and their number stands between 2000-3000 is known fact. When British invaded this part of India, Thar's numbered around 50,000-100,000. It is said that Palani Hills landscape of Tamil Nadu alone had 25000-30000 of these

 Mother Nature or the Fallen Sister
Nature, our fragile environment has been the abode of life for man since times immemorial. Not forgetting that the first things laid out in this planet earth were the two whore words, light and dark i.e. day and night. Nature, the words which whore the admirations of many philosophers also

I was so happy. My daughter was settled in at a remarkable, small school/organic farm in Vermont for the next few months, looking ahead to a curriculum famous for its emphasis on environmental studies and sustainability. Her education, at least for this season, was going to be nearly as progressive as it gets in the U.S. She

Death by Carbon

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

I wonder what goes through the minds of politicians and others who know that producing a barrel of oil from oil sands produces three times more greenhouse gas emissions than a barrel of conventional oil. How do they live with themselves?

I often grapple with the power brokers in the energy business from time to time. They