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Have you heard the news? After a quiet period of regrouping post the tumultuous and disappointing events at the Copenhagen climate summit in December, 350.org, the international, precedent-setting, grassroots climate change organization is off and running with new plans for 2010...

If you are looking for ways to a)

News has come in that the largest village in the core area of Similipal Tiger Reserve, Jenabil, shifted out of the reserve voluntarily on 9th March 2010.

62 families shifted out from Jenabil in Similipal's core area to the 'model village' created for them at Ambdiha, outside the reserve. Keeping with the NTCA's guidelines, every

Enlighten me !

Posted by: Pranesh on


Apart from general awareness it creates , how does it really help to save the tigers in wild by simply logging on to the campaigns driven by cellular companies & TV channels !

The need of the hour being , the persons who actually patrol or are directly involved in the day to day working in the reserved & unreserved forests

Good People Out There

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

I wanted to share this short correspondence with a most wonderful man. His name is (Retd) Major B.G. Padbidri and he wrote to me enclosing a cheque of Rs. 50,000, which he wanted Sanctuary to disburse to the three persons mentioned below, who received wildlife awards from us in 2009.

I have requested Mrs. Madhu Bhatnagar of Sri

Global warming a question

Posted by: arun tp on


"Global warming" and resulting scenario is partially the result of Industrialization and Scientific advancement. Partially is used instead of probable as the time and space is related to the climatic change resulting from the ongoing evolution of universe, the evolution related to the galaxies, its space, evolution of the

Keoladeo Ghana Must Live

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Keoladeo Ghana is being assassinated. Prerna Bindra wrote to me suggesting that Sanctuary runs a campaign to save it. This was my response to her and I would like very much for members of the Sanctuary fraternity to pitch in with ideas of their own.

Dear Prerna: Yes we should do a campaign to protect the Keoladeo Ghana

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