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As the editor of Sanctuary Asia I have been asked this question by hundreds of young persons down the years.  Here is the advice I gave to Sutirtha Lahiri, one of our brightest young wildlifers from Guwahati Assam:

 Your personality must determine what you do in life. And making turning your passion into your work should be a


Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

The greatest environmental tragedy, in my view, is that even as the development brigade purposefully and effectively divided (and thus ruled) wildlife and tribal groups, they managed to sell the Trojan Horse of consumptive development to influential tribal leaders who are currently conspiring to open gate after forest gate from


WHAT A SHAME ..... Man Animal Conflict claims another victim. We lost another magnificent Big Cat on Sunday, 03.06.2012. A full grown Leopard that entered Oil India Limited's campus in Duliajan, Assam, was shot dead mercilessly by security forces, after the forest officials failed to tranquilise the agitated animal. The