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Predicament of Pachyderms

Posted by: Partha Pratim Patra on


Undivided Koraput district of Odisha is known throughout the state for its rich forest resources and biodiversity. Most of the major fauna of peninsular India are encountered here with the only exception of the Asian elephants. The movement of elephants was confined only to Chandrapur forest range of present day Raygada

 Actually this is a mail that i sent to a friend(Mr Ray Barlow) a couple of months back(when the whole tourism debate was at its peak) on Unregulated Wildlife Tourism,he put the mail on his blog and there I received some very encouraging comments.So i decided to reproduce that mail here on sanctuary (so please ignore the casual

Why is Baghpat District,U.P. in News??----The once mighty Yamuna river has become a seasonal river here and it has completely dried up over a stretch of 100 kms (from Delhi to Saharanpur District, U.P.) for the past 7 months!!!Administrators of Baghpat District---a district that lies in this 100 km stretch along the banks of

Hydel project to choke Dooars!

Hydel project shadow on Dooars; Sankosh-Teesta Canal May Wreak Havoc On Forests

The Union government is reportedly planning a mega hydroelectric project on the Sankosh river in Bhutan that experts feel may lead to massive loss of greenery and wreak havoc on the biodiversity of the Dooars. 

Finding God in Kaziranga

Posted by: Lakshmy Raman on

I recently read an article about a woman yearning for spiritual satisfaction and failing to find it despite trying everything from Buddhism to yoga and Reiki to shamans.  She finally found it, she says, in a little cottage on the banks of a river -- in the midst of nature.  The piece got me thinking about where I find my peace

Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh has said the great demand for Tiger and leopard parts in China is a serious threat to conservation.

Ramesh said the traditional 'Year of the Tiger' being observed in China this year is of particular concern, as it would induce poaching due to lucrative returns.

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A radio-collared Tiger in the Sundarbans has reportedly crossed over into Bangladesh, forest officials have found. A radio collar worth around Rs 6-7 lakh was placed around the neck of the Tiger on May 21.    

“This once again confirms that wild animals do not understand political boundaries and often move across the

LAST WORD -- Up in Smoke

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Depending on how you perceive the world, this image, shot in
April 2009 just outside Maharashtra's Navegaon National Park, could
represent either hope and sustenance - or despair and destruction.

The leaves of Diospyros melanoxylon - known as tendu in India - are responsible for putting food in the bellies of almost 10 million

Indian sub continent has a wide range of topography and climates, which contribute to varied natural habitats for the wild species. The Indian forests ranges from evergreen tropical rain forests in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Western Ghats, and the north-eastern states, conifer to dry alpine scrub high in the Himalaya

A house divided WILL fall

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

The forests of India are loved by a divided family -- wildlifers and social activists. Almost no other group in India is genuinely interested in keeping natural forests 'natural', except perhaps a small section of wildlife tourism people.

This division in the house has been manna from heaven for the enemy -- mining companies,