World Wide Save Loktak Lake Campaign

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2010 has been declared as the "International Year of Bio-Diversity" by the Convention of Biological Diversity.
Although Bio-Diversity Day is observed on the 22nd of May each year. In conjunction to the Bio-Diversity Day, e-con (Environmental Consciousness) is going to join hands in an ongoing conservation campaign.
E-con in association with BNHS (BombayNatural History Society) will observe Bio-Diversity Day on 22nd of May with NECEER's “World Wide Save Loktak Lake” campaign.

About the Campaign:

“World Wide Save Loktak Lake” campaign is an ongoing global environmental campaign. The campaign has been initiated by NECEER (North East Center for Environmental Education and Research) in an effort to restore the biodiversity of Loktak Lake – designated as wet land of international importance under RAMSAR convention 1990. The previous campaigns in Manipur, Shilong, Kolhapur and Delhi were participated by prominent MPs, scientist, academicians, students and conservation activist. The campaign is a yearlong awareness program involving more than 600 volunteers, 32 city coordinators, publicity coordinator and 1 worldwide coordinator. 

What will we do:

We will conduct a Seminar starting 2pm at the auditorium of BHNS at Hornbill House. Experts from the relevant field will speak on conservation, biodiversity, climate change and sustainability development.The Seminar will be followed by a awareness walk starting 6:00 pm. We will start from Hornbill House, Kalaghoda - proceed towards Colaba street - then turn back towards Gate way Of India, where the campaign will conclude at 7:30 pm

 Being a part of international biodiversity day observation and supporting a cause for a “wet land” of international importance, we will delve into the following subjects: 

1.      Wetland and biodiversity: It will explore the wet lands of India, the range of flora and fauna it supports. The strategic importance of wet land that helps absorption and releasing of fresh waters during floods and draughts, respectively. The lively hood it supports for thousands of people. The socio economic importance. Etc.

2.     Wetland and Climate change: Dwindling of wet land due to climate change. Melting of glaciers affecting wet lands and fresh water reserves. The pressure of population and its economic dependency on wetlands which increase the anthropogenic activities. The threat to its biodiversity. Etc  


3.     Sustainability and conservation: A brief overview about sustainability development and conservation. How sustainable innovation and conservation tools can go hand in hand? About the challenges our country is facing in terms of human capital on this front. How simple tools such as “carbonfootprint” and “ecofootprint” calculator can make a lay person aware about his/her lifestyle making an impact on the environment. What can each of us do as an individual and where to start from?

4.     The role of youth: A scarcity of resource in the future. How youth involvement can accelerate mitigation on climate change?  Their action today for a sustainable future.


If anyone is interested to express themselves and their concerns in a 17 min talk format please contact us at the contact information given below.


We also have a presentation competition. The topic will be "Sustainable Solutions for the Climate Crisis". For entries please write to or The winners will get our "Angel of Change" organic cotton t-shirts. Please send your details and a brief idea about what do you want to talk. Details should include your profession - if students the details of education at present and contact information. The presentation should not exceed more than 15 mins. We will give preference to early entries.

We have a competition for best coordinators. They should be dynamic, should be able to mobilize maximum number of campaigners and their performance efficient. We have a prize for two best coordinators. If you are interested please send us your details, which should include - your full name, contact information and activity profile - at /

The Reward:

The "Angels of Change" T-shirt will be rewarded for the winners. 

"Angel of Change" is a brand of t-shirts made from organic cotton Available in different colors. The t-shirts are not for sale, however its a gift of appreciation given to people who have made an impact in "mitigation of climate change" from conservation to sustainability development. Only few well known personalities own this.

How important is your participation:

Your participation in the campaign will made an impact and contribution towards the fight against climate change and anthropogenic activities happening around the world. We believe every small impact we can make today will compound into a huge change for the future.

For more updates and details please visit 

Contact us:

James Mc Mayengbam
Manager E-con
Coordinator "World Wide Save Loktak Lake" Campaign, Mumbai