The Climate Issue

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What is Climate Change? Climate Change is the change in climatic conditions due to external influences one of them of course being Global Warming. Our planet has gone through various stages of change over billions of years, but the changes seen in the last 40 years have been far more drastic and impacting than the last 200 years.

Polar caps are melting, polar bears are swimming to their death, migratory birds start arriving later and later each year, hurricanes, floods, tsunamis threaten the very livelihood of over 20 million people worldwide who depend on the ocean for their lives. Tigers are dying, forests are being eaten up by greedy forest departments who give poachers a free run, hunting which is considered part of tradition still continues despite laws in many parts of the world. At a recent talk held by Antarctica explorer Robert Swan he quoted that "The amount of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 for 87 days is the same amount of oil consumed by the United States of America in 5 hours and 10 minutes!".

The ground reality is all around us,  yet Prime Minister Manmmohan Singh continues to use India’s forests as a bank not realising that we cannot keep ‘borrowing’ from Mother Nature. Barack Obama refuses to solve America’s problem of over consumption. They say the West influences the East, but the modern influences take a heavy toll on the environment. If China does not protect its tigers that will be another tiger species gone extinct.

Mankind’s greatest weakness is power. Power which takes place due to advances in technology and science. But what we must understand is that the bedrock of all this technology and science is ecology. Nature was here first, and it is only due to flora and fauna that we are able to make the advances in science today. If this is not realised soon enough and if we continue the way we do, mankind’s very sustainability on earth comes into question.

Kavya Chandra

Sanctuary Asia