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Posted by: Swati Hingorani on

Its the last three days of COP15 and its been a rollercoaster ride of exciting actions, disappointing results, some positive outcomes but mostly chaos. Countries continue to haggle over previously agreed upon provisions and as I type all sessions have been suspended. The result is that Im sitting at the computer centre in front of a row of pink badges all sipping tea, eating cake and chatting, seemingly unaware of the fact that the hopes and futures of millions rest on their shoulders.

 Only an hour ago one of the most amazing actions since the beginning of COP started. Groups of people stormed out of the Bella Centre to meet a large crowd walking towards it with the aim of holding a People's Forum. Reclaim Power, as its called, can be watched live here

 There's also a sit in happening right now where a group of accredited youth are protesting the system of secondary badges and stripped accreditations - all those accredited under Avaaz have lost their badges for participating in unpermitted actions. However seeing as the permission process is so lengthy and that the UNFCCC has been saying no to anything that will allow us to put our case forward strongly its hardly surprising that they were unpermitted.

Saturday, December 12 was the Global Day of Action on Climate Chnange (the third one :-)) and it  was AMAZING! Contrary to what BBC reported it was 100,000 not 30,000 people! It was just fabulous there were people singing, praying, dancing, walking in silence - one of the most powerful events Ive ever attended.

 I hear some disturbance so running but more later!