THE WATER GOD---Save him for our own selfish needs !!

Posted by: Raza Kazmi on

Why is Baghpat District,U.P. in News??----The once mighty Yamuna river has become a seasonal river here and it has completely dried up over a stretch of 100 kms (from Delhi to Saharanpur District, U.P.) for the past 7 months!!!Administrators of Baghpat District---a district that lies in this 100 km stretch along the banks of what was once the Yamuna river---blame the other two states i.e Haryana and Delhi for this drying up.However the fact is that Yamuna is no longer the "Mighty River" that it used to be, its tributaries and drainage basin have been severely depleted and it has been choked by pollution.The Imperial Gazetteer of India, 1909 mentions, the waters of Yamuna distinguishable as "clear blue" as compared to silt-ridden yellow of the Ganges.However, due to high density population growth, rapid industrialization, today Yamuna is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. 

Coming back to Baghpat, now---as the Agriculture in the vicinity has been decimated, thousands of farmers who banked upon the Yamuna for irrigation purposes have migrated , and pilgrims who used to always take a Holy Bath in the sacred river now take their "Holy Bath" under a government water-tanker that now stands in this sandy open desert that was once the Great Yamuna.

And still people take our rivers for granted as if they will be there for eternity regardless of the plundering that we do; Even now the disappearance of our forests(from where all our big rivers emanate) is not a national issue---And the forests are the abode of our " STRIPED WATER GOD "-- SO HOW CAN THE DOMAIN OF THIS WATER GOD SURVIVE IF THE GOD HIMSELF DISAPPEARS FROM HIS KINGDOM?.Hold on to this attitude and before we know it, our water-security, all our mighty rivers,even the soul of India--the mighty Ganges will follow suit.And then, we humans will suffer the same fate as the Tigers,His Forests and the Rivers--Slow and painful death!!

WANT PROOF OF WHAT I SAY?--- "BAGHPAT" WAS ORIGINALLY KNOWN AS 'VYAGPRASTHA' --WHICH MEANS "THE LAND OF TIGERS" , getting its name because it was the home of a huge number of Tigers centuries ago---TODAY THEY DON'T HAVE ANY!!

All this has been repeated thousands of times before, but i write this with a true story in the background, a grave reminder of the conjoined relationship between Tigers and Water!!!
So its as simple as this:

                                                     " TIGERS DIE OUT--WATER GOES--WE DIE "