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As Bittu sir has told me, we have the right kind of support emerging from not only across the country but globally. it is rightly said, take care of the small things and the bigger ones fall in place. this is where i think back that the generations of our parents , grandparents and ancestors, took it on a rather carefree note. what they failed to realise is the consequences of their actions.  it is therefore to be noted that maintaing a balance in the ecology , for a harmonious exesitence, there has to be an effort from one to all. we cannot blame the government, environmentalists, large corporate houses for the weak implementation of rules and regulations.

what we have to realise and its high time we do, that we are all in this together. if the implementation of the above all is weak, it is because , we too are a part of this whole decision making process. for instance, banning plastics was always on an agenda for the authorities, then how is it that suddenly it been banned? well because the right kind of awareness, strictness of rules was followed. the one problem that our country faces is the red-tape in our system.  for something as vital as saving the environment, which is an inseparable part of our existence, why cant we put our foot down?

like doctors save lives of humans and animals, the environmentalists do the same for the ecology and we all benefit from it. the thing here is that we all have a role to play in it and if we do it with enthusiasm from our heart, we'd be able to start afresh.

using this blog as a medium, i put forth a request , especially to the youngsters out there. we are the policy makers of tomorrow and its about time we satnd up to our reponsibilities. 

i have a lot of ideas in my mind which are rational and would work well right from the grassroot level. its a request to all the bloggers our there, please, reply with some ideas , comments and ways you have in mind to go about this issue.

thank you.