Sundarban's radio-collaring news update

Posted by: Joydip & Suchandra Kundu on

The 2nd radio-collar that was fitted on a Tigress on February 28th 2010 was found lying in the Pirkhali VI area within the Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR) yesterday 11th March 2010 by a STR team after they scanned the area for over 30 minutes. The collar was giving stationery signals since 6th night & it's being speculated that it was taken off by the Tigress on the 6th after 6days. Pugmark of another male was also found near the collar. There may be a possibility that the male may have a role in taking it out. As it's known that male Tigers who bite & even commonly tear ear pinna during mating. Incidentally both the Tigress who were recently radio-collared by the STR & WII team were found having broken pinna. Reports confirm that the collar can be reused.

STR team is keeping a tight vigil on all proceedings. 

Satellite data however confirms that the Tigress collared on the 1st occasion is moving around steadily.

Courtesy: Bengal Tiger Bachaao campaign through Sundarban Tiger Reserve.