Sundarban Tiger rescued, tranquillized, radio-collared

Posted by: Joydip & Suchandra Kundu on

Gosaba: A tiger that strayed into the Sudhangshunagar area of Satjelia in the Sunderbans and climbed a keora tree there was tranquillized by forest guards on Friday morning. The tiger is pretty old and its right foreleg injured. The lower left canine tooth of the animal was also found broken.

Earlier, the tiger had killed a cow, a calf and a goat. Half-eaten carcasses of the animals had been found in the village.
After fresh pug marks were spotted in the village most of the villagers spent a sleepless night. The forest department was informed and team with tranqullizers reached the spot. The forest officials found the tiger in a bush adjacent to the village. After it receiving the first tranquillizer dart, the tiger moved towards Luxbagan and climbed a keora tree. It was tranquillized there and taken to Sajnekhali.

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One male Tiger was trapped by the Sundarban Tiger Reserve team at Netidhopani 1 in the T.R. yesterday by baiting. This male was accompanying a female when trapped. He was transferred in the squeeze cage & tranquilized. Thereafter he was radio-collared. Today he was released there at 7am after 24 hrs of observation.

The Tigress that was rescued from Luxbagan village a day before was also released at the Haldibari area in the core area of the T.R. yesterday after proper observations. Hair samples with follicles, blood & scat has been collected for DNA analysis.

Info courtesy : Forest Dept.