Story Of A Tiger- A Poem

Posted by: Hita on


Born A little cub, Blind

Grew up with her mother

She learnt how to find,

Her own prey, to live  all by herself

One fine day, when she was almost there

It never really occurred to her

That Life isn’t always fair

Quiet and dangerous as it was for the deer,

It was for her own self but,

Little did she realize, she

Had something greater to fear

Them, strange creatures, she tried to flee from

Made sure she could not escape

The ingenious decoy they had planned

Lured by the ceramic piece, fake

She was stuck and couldn’t move,

Everything was gone,

All her dreams and more,

In her heart she was torn.

A tear she shed, from the excruciating pain

She kicked, pushed and she had to run

Tried to bite, but all in vain

She was going to lose her life!

Shutting her eyes, to swallow in strife

Her soul drifted!  And the greedy men,

They ripped her skin off,

Her teeth and every visible part of her

They could but take her soul

Which they could not see, looked down to scoff

At them and say,

“Once there are too many of you

You will all starve to death,

Having no more lives to take

There will be nothing left ,

For your greedy hands to take

With the balance broken,…

And that is when , to the shocking truth

You all will awaken”