Reality Check..

Posted by: Kavya on

Everyday seems to be a new discovery on what is actually happening with India's 'rich forests' and 'abundant' wildlife. Often quoted by websites that the country's ecosystem and biodiversity is enormous and beautiful, no doubt reassuring the mass public that 'All iz well'.

I sincerely applaud our environment minister Mr. Ramesh Jairam on his promise of overseeing that 35% of mining and industrial areas that lie in the heart of our forests are the no-go areas, therefore stalling all further developments so these core area's are protected in the future. One hopefully see's good times ahead and a sign that many species will be protected and proliferate.

Ecology and Economy must co-exist. There is no two-ways about it. If we want future generations to enjoy a rich experience in the wild, not having to go to zoo's to see animals, or watch the telly a balance needs to be maintained between the two. Today its considered a lucky sign if you see the tiger or any big cat for that matter in the wild. How many of us have actually seen one? And keep hoping eveytime we visit a national park or sanctuary that maybe this time we shall be lucky.. wake up, its never going to happen untill we do something about it.

If we do not protect our environment today, the future of mankind is in trouble. Lets take the tiger, if all Tigers are killed off, the herbivores (deers, sambar's, gazelle etc) consume all the vegetation causing drought, forest fire's and starvation which also kill most of the insects and smaller animals; and I am speaking about acres of wild area which are mainly big cat territory (tigers roams alone). This in turn affects the climate. Due to lack of green - tree's play a large role in precipitation, there is no rain. Water is the most important natural source for all living things. Besides the forests, our crops and agriculture suffer, which is food for man. This affects cattle - another food source for man. 

Simply put, our actions affect us in the long run. Its the same with toxins and sewage that contain high mercury levels that are drained into sea's, oceans and large water bodies. Invariably fish consume this which untimately enters our bodies when we eat them. Another example and fact. We pay for our actions.

Reality check, we all have the power to protect and change things for the better.

Be the change today, and tomorrow you will have a better future for all including yourself.