Maduraikar or Mad-ur-kar

Posted by: M Kameshwari Prasad Dev on

At last it has rained in Madurai.


The year has been unsually dry, the climate hot.  The chanrges of canned water have increased. The low water table  has gone dry at places. Its been months since I have seen a trickle in Vaigai river. The irrigation tank has been reduced to a puddle. The Cranes and Cormorants did not come this year to nest in the nearby marsh, which has gone dry. People are fighting with the neighbouring states for water.People are cursing the Gods for their cruelty.


At last Meenakshi heard our prayers. The rain Gods smiled. Rain came temperatures fell down. Though its can nowhere be compared to the incessant rains of Jamshedpur. It was a welcome by me......................... and perhaps only by me.


Instead of warm happy faces, I saw annoyed people cursing the Gods for the rains.

No one wants rains here, but people want water.

No one loves the shower of the open skies on his face,  but people like the shower in their bathrooms.

No one loves to conserve water here, but people want a surplus to enjoy in water parks.

No one thinks before dumping dirt in the choking canals, but people want irrigation al lyear round.

people love dumpong garbage in the river, but they want pure water to flow in the same river. 

No one respects Vaigai but people want Vaigai to wash their sins.


Are the people here Madurai-kars or Mad-ur-kars ?

Perhaps Meenakshi is wondering the same.


(Madurai-kar means a resident of Madurai in Tamil. Ur means a town in Tamil.)