Madayipara: The land of flowers.

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Madayipara is a vast stretch of Rocky terrain spreading near Pazhayangadi Town, in Kannur District of Kerala. It is one of the beautiful landscape existing suppose the last in entire Northern Kerala. The land has immense ecological importance because of its biodiversity of Flora and Fauna.


Flora includes rare species of numerous tiny orchids and plants, which takes life in different seasons. So the entire land has different hues in varying season. The land is more beautiful around the month August- September when the monsoon leaves the Northern Kerala because flowers of different colors blooms creating a blue and white carpet all around the landscape.


This land has a great population of Butterflies nearly 70 species some specialists say may be more species yet to be seen. This is because numerous host plants for the butterflies are spread around the boundaries of this rocky terrain. I have seen Spotless yellow grass, Gaudy baron and all species of flashes, numerous species of blues including Guava blue, Redspot and other swallowtail species.


The other attraction of this land is the variety of bird species depend this land for growing their chicks, laying eggs. There are smaller species as well as larger species of birds; most of them are migratory according to seasons. One can also find different species of Kingfishers on this land if one have such patience.


If one treks all around Madayipara and looks closely, one can find tiny tiny frogs and Toads jumping all around in between grasses and rocks. There are many species to be discovered and many rare species of amphibians are found here. Hence there are also healthy snake species.


Around summer, dragonflies are of plenty and spread all around this land flying. There are two natural waterholes on this high rock terrain that supports all the species.


The land accommodates a Temple which is centuries old and a Fort assumed to be built by Tipu sultan.


Now the land is under threat of Clay mining, Tourism projects, Irresponsible vehicle riding which can wipe out the entire species in future.


It is more important to preserve this land for not tourism, but for the species that depend this land for living. It is better to notify this land as a "Nationally important flower sanctuary" by taking land from outer edges to preserve and to avoid man land conflict in future.



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Landscape of Madayipara