MP minister's kin car hit Tigress in Bandhavgarh

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This case has yet again alarmed us all on how we treat our animals. The news is pathetic but not surprising at all !  

Many of you might have been witnesses to the hooliganism of a section of tourist operators that have been growing like a cancer in parks like Bandhavgarh. In February 2007 we were witness to such a case when a speeding vehicle of a 'well-known' resort-wala was about to run over a wild boar family while on the way to spot a Tiger that was sighted by another group of vehicles and was conveyed over cellphones. In addition to this a 'naturalist' representing another resort was found giving mock-calls to distract a Tiger cub from its mother for closer photo opportunities. We had lodged a complaint with park authorities to take necessary actions. 

Tourism can never be harmful for wildlife but tourist-mafias are real threats. Setting up & enforcement of stringent laws to crub this expanding menace must be rolled out at any cost, before more damages are caused.  

But who will bell the cat (read mafias) is a question even bigger!   

MP minister's kin car hit Tigress in Bandhavgarh 

In a new twist to the controversy over the death of a Tigress in Bandhavgarh Reserve, TOI learns the incident occurred after a vehicle hit the wild cat. Sources confirmed that the vehicle that hit the Tigress was allegedly owned by a resort run by PWD minister of MP, Nagendra Singh.  

A close relative of the minister's son was in the vehicle when it inadvertently hit the Tigress. Park officials have detained three vehicles. A tourist had told TOI that the death happened due to a collision with a vehicle. Naresh Kadyan, master trainer of Animal Welfare Board of India and a representative of International Organisation for Animal Protection in India, has issued notice to the chief wildlife warden of MP under section 55 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.  

He has also demanded the sacking of the minister. Kadyan claims that it was Singh's son who was in the vehicle that dashed against the Tigress.  

"Officials are trying to hush up the matter," he said from Delhi. "The minister's son and others have violated the law. Yet the police failed to lodge an FIR against them for violation of section 9, read with 51 of Wildlife Protection Act along with section 428-429 of IPC specifying criminal conspiracy against wild animals or any relevant legislations. The chief wildlife warden has failed to perform his duties."