Lioness saves 'footloose' cub on busy highway

Posted by: Hitesh Kamaliya on

In an unusual occurrence, a month old lion cub strayed on to the busy Dhari-Visavadar highway in Amreli district on Saturday night.

With vehicles zooming past by in great speed, the terrified cub stood frozen in the middle of the road.

"However, before any harm came its way, the mother lion rushed to its rescue. Picking little Simba gently in its mouth, the lioness made it across to the other side of the road and escorted it back into the safety of the dark forest," a forest officer said.

A wildlife enthusiast who happened to be passing by the area stopped in front of the lioness and her cub and filmed the entire incident on his cellphone and uploaded it on WhatsApp and the social media which later went viral.

However, another cub of Amrapur village of Maliya-Hatina taluka in Junagadh district was not so lucky. Forest officials, who found the carcass of a two-year-old lion from a farm on the outskirts of Amrapur village, said it may have been a victim of in-fighting.

"The cub appeared to have fallen prey to a male lion which are known to kill cubs in order to mate with the lioness," an officer explained.