India and Pakistan Share a Common Fate

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Click here to read the excellent piece that Praful Bidwai wrote. speaks for both India and Pakistan, two nations that share a common fate. Given the fact that almost 30 per cent of Pakistan has been ravaged by flood waters and the fact that rising seas and extreme climatic events are going to cause coastal fresh water aquifers to get hopelessly salinised, I believe it is time that our two countries used the threats from climate change as a cement for united action in defense of our beleagured people. No divided family has ever come out winning. Yes we have our differences. Yes injustices may have been committed on both sides ever since Partition, but no past misery is likely to come even close to the sheer tragedy of floods, droughts, hunger, disease, mass migration and social unrest that climate change will deliver to us both. By protecting ecosystems, the same ones that leaders in both our countries wish to encash for misguided notions of development, we can mitigate and adapt to climate change. This would be true national, regional and global development. This is the route to a true peace that we should bequeath to our children not the violence we so relentlessly inflict on the planet and on ourselves.