How can I work for wildlife as a profession?

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

As the editor of Sanctuary Asia I have been asked this question by hundreds of young persons down the years.  Here is the advice I gave to Sutirtha Lahiri, one of our brightest young wildlifers from Guwahati Assam:

 Your personality must determine what you do in life. And making turning your passion into your work should be a huge priority for you. When people think of working for wildlife they normally imagine becoming a vet, or a forest officer, or a zookeeper (heaven help us!). But the truth is you can work for wildlife just by following what you love and are good at. A poet can write poetry, an engineer can design things to protect wildlife, a businessman can use influence, a writer or photographer can write or take pictures. You get the drift? Some people who want to become biologists can surely follow that passion too, but remember it is not the economists, or scientists, or businessmen that will change the world, it is people with passion... like you!