Enlighten me !

Posted by: Pranesh on


Apart from general awareness it creates , how does it really help to save the tigers in wild by simply logging on to the campaigns driven by cellular companies & TV channels !

The need of the hour being , the persons who actually patrol or are directly involved in the day to day working in the reserved & unreserved forests need more inputs like - weapons , survival kit , camoflagued attire , first aid kit , mechanised vehicle , communication instruments , tents etc.

Campaigns like mentioned above do help in making the few litterates at large to understand the gravity of the situtation , but what about the  balance 70% who reside much more closer to our forests ? By the time we end up making just everyone aware of the need to save the forests and the tiger , both of them would have vanished and become extinct !!

Though the larger picture makes it clear , but are we moving in the right direction? Do enlighten me on this one .