Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Its bad enough that India's economists are doing a terrible job of managing our fragile nation. Its worse that they are trying to cover their inefficiencies by plundering our ecological vaults (exporting cheap coal to China from under critically important forests, including our Tiger Reserves). This will end up by turning India into a basket case of hunger, social unrest and violence. The writing is on the wall and its time that fossil economists such as our Prime Minister were relieved of their charge and replaced with more visionary ones who see that the future lies in putting our people to work to restore the life-support systems (our nation's organs) that have fed us for thousands of years... forests, grasslands, wetlands, mangroves and mountains. Wildlife conservation is just another way to help nature to look after us. Sacrificing such long-term assets for short term gains is akin to selling your kidney to buy a case of single malts. Its organ trade by a different name, anyway you look at it. Our children know this, but are powerless to stop it today. Tomorrow they will not smile at the memory of those that colonised their future.