Bikers scare away Tiger in Sundarbans.

Posted by: Joydip & Suchandra Kundu on

A Tiger entered into Kalitala village of the Shamshernagar area in North 24-Parganas on Sunday evening. It was spotted on a village path by three youths on a motorcycle. The petrified youths’ scream for help and the headlight of the bike scared the big cat, which dived into the nearby river and swam to the forest.     

Rampada Mondal (30) who was driving his bike along the pitched dark road got the shock of his life when the headlight fell on a tiger that was standing barely 7 feet ahead of them. He slammed the brake of his motorcycle. He and his two friends screamed with all their might. To their surprise, the tiger looked at them just once, dropped the dead dog it was carrying in its mouth and jumped into the Jhingakhali river.     

According to villagers, the Tiger then swam down the river for almost 5 kms before reaching the Kalindi and crossed over to the forest across the international border.     

Locals in three villages under Kalitala-IV gram panchayat have been noticing pugmarks in different areas of the river bank since Wednesday. They had contacted the forest department, which put up halogen lights in the three villages. Dhakis and firecrackers had been kept ready to scare away the animal if it entered any of the villages. Forest officials have been camping in the area with tranquillizers and cages, ready to trap the tiger. It was only on Sunday that the tiger was spotted.     

Though the animal did not attack any human, some villagers reported that several cattle were dragged away by the big cat in the past few days.    

Just around two weeks ago, forest officials had trapped a Tiger and released it later. Another Tiger had entered the village in May 2009. That time too, forest officials trapped the injured male Tiger. It was treated and then left in the Sundarbans Tiger reserve area few weeks later.