Bandhavgarh....downward slide...

Posted by: Shivir chordia on

Bandhavgarh ....are we heading in the wrong direction.....


Folks..i have written about this in the past, and I write again..I firmly believe Bandhavarh is heading in the wrong direction....its a journey which is begun...we must, at all cost arrest this slide...numerous open questions cross my mind...they being..

 - Is the Park being badly managed ? over managed on petty issues that dont make a difference to the tiger ( such as  fencing / suspensions / rooster system / routes etc) or poorly managed on larger issues ? ( weak development of all the 3 zones...rather imbalances in the growth... no scientific knowledge used to manage / govern parks)

- Is the tourist the target of the forest department or the poacher ?

- is this being stage managed by the VIP's ? for and by them ?

- Where have the tigers gone ? one by one we see them dissappear...what is seen is what we see at the Tala range, the obvious B2 / Boca / Chorbhera / Chakradhara etc ? what we dont are the supporting cast in the numerous cubs from bhamera / banbehi ..all dissappeared...who is counting them ? what ever happened to them ? where are they ?

- What will happen to the 3 new cubs of jhujura ? is the forest department going to rear them ? do they know what it is to be a mother of tiger cubs ? or will they end up for us to see in the Bhopal zoo ?

- I fail to understand the need to relocate tigers from Panna...or anywhere else...its a simple solution our fathers will tell us..."get your house in place before you go out to fix another"...and after Panna was cleaned do you think the new bvgh tigers will be safe...its only feeding the this case the poachers..

- Cover up on the current jhujura case by not reviewing or scrutunising all suspects ( in this case the forest dept vehichle) is by itself testimony to the fact that they know or have the answers...I would rather have them put all the tourist  jeeps & the forest vehicle thru the scrutiny before i rule them out...and zero in on the culprit..

- the awareness shocks me..the director of the park mentions that the killed tiger is a male / a ranger mentions a 30 month old tigress on earth can you manage when you dont  know what you are managing ? if you dont have information / knowledge ...then there is a general view that you have no clue ? every person associated with the park i knew ...I called to check...where very clear on Day 1 ..that it was the jhujura tigress come the authorities did not have a clue ? Its probably their way of a cover up again ?


These questions need answers....


All this will lead up to mere changes in rules and regulations at the cost of us, but nothing helping the tiger. I really am keen to see a change for the positive. I am calling on all Tiger now speak in unison to stop will set a trend..for the good of the tiger.


In my view we have started a slide..and we ought to quickly correct the downward slide...or we just have to keep our memories of Bandhavgarh with us.