Posted by: Ashima Mandla on

Sometimes we are forced into directions we ought to have found ourselves. The ailing planet and its call for
remedy is the result of man's dominant nature. But now that we have realised that our dominance would further
cause degradation, its time to switch over to a harmonious exsistence. Now is the time where contribution is needed from one to all, right from the grassroot level. If today we dont enact and rise up to the call of awakening then when the planet would be at the verge of losing its vitality we'll be one of those who blame the government, environmentalists , industrialists , people incharge , whereas all this time we just sat around. In an era of globalisation and dizzinging technological change, cutthroat politics , we dont even possess a shared language with which we discuss our ideas. But we have the POWER , based on a simple idea that we have stake in one another and that what binds us together is greater than what divides us apart. If enough people come around then we can get something meaningful done. Lets get together to heal the world!