About 6000 Blackbucks running freely without protection

Posted by: Suresh K L on

According to a report on 30-May-2012 in a reputed regional Kannada newspaper "Prajavaani", officially as much as about 6000 Blackbucks are running freely in the district of Gadag in northern Karnataka, causing heavy loss to farmers.

For location of Gadag district, check the following link


Since many years, it is well known that Gadag-Havery area in northern Karnataka harbors one of the best free ranging blackbuck populations of the state/country. And they are equally well known as crop raiders causing huge loss to farmers who depend only on monsoon rains to grow groundnuts and other cereals crops in otherwise arid region. The terrain is far more flat helping the Blackbucks to roam freely in huge area and also good nature of people in this part of Karnataka helped them to survive till date. Farmers here are so protective of these animals that they help to nab those who come to hunt them, in the same way as Bishnois of Rajasthan. But for all their efforts, for the year 2011-12, they received only a meager 16 Lakhs (An amount less than the telephone bill of any of our politicians) and still there are 950 applications waiting for compensation. Slowly farmers are loosing their patience and have started to agitate, they recently attacked Forest department office in Rona,Tq. Few years back, there was a proposal to declare a "Jinke Vana" or "Deer Park" to help protect these antelopes, but with rise in the number of animals and very nature of these animals not to abide to the boundary of a man made park is making forest department helpless. And the recent Supreme Court order not to re-introduce Cheetah has put one more nail to coffin.

So without any major predator in landscapes like these, blackbucks surely will rise in numbers and conflict will get serious in days ahead.