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Mumbai’s Traumatized Coast

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

The Mumbai oil and chemical spill was a disaster that was waiting to happen. The files of our government are filled with warnings that could have prevented such an incident. Given our lack of respect for the environment I guess this oil spill had to happen and it will happen again.

Why were two ports at such a small distance

Refinery must be shut down

Posted by: Lakshmy Raman on

While Vedanta's proposal to mine for bauxite in Niyamgiri has been rejected, it is vital that the one-million tonne per annum alumina refinery at Lanjigarh, situated right below Niyamgiri, be shut down at the earliest.  The refinery, according to several sources, has habitually flouted environmental standards. Vedanta has been

Replacing ecology?

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

DNA, August 11 carries an interview of Dr Asad Rahmani, Director, BNHS

Question 1, which pertains the issue of the Navi Mumbai Airport, which has raised grave environmental concerns:

The answer:

"Mumbai needs a new airport urgently as our old airport's infrastructure has been stretched to the limit. There are several factors which

Tiger Agenda : Chhattisgarh

Posted by: Raza Kazmi on


I will concede here that I have always been fascinated by Chhattisgarh largely because of the sheer extent of the pristine & unexplored forests in the state (and hence the possibility of major surprises that they might withhold) and the similarity between Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh in terms of land and culture of these two

Tiger Agenda : Jharkhand

Posted by: Raza Kazmi on

I was asked to prepare a “Tiger Agenda” for the states of Jharkhand and Chattisgarh a couple of months back. I submitted it, but unfortunately even after roughly 3 months I don't really know what happened regarding the report because while I did read the agenda for some other Tiger-States, I didn't come across one for Jharkhand

The Trojan Horse

Posted by: Bittu Sahgal on

Coal, bauxite, lignite and uranium mines are ripping my country apart and burying tigers, elephants and butterflies in their depressing debris. Yet, even in my darkest moments, I remind myself we neither have the luxury of cynicism nor despair. The sad thing is that our battles are largely being lost because, as in the story of

‘Amit Jethwa shot dead' read the SMS received at about 9 pm on July 21st.. I did not know him personally, but I knew Amit, activist, and warrior for any ecological cause--be it the case of an elephant being treated cruelly in a circus or illegal mining in Kodinar bordering Gir or protesting against a shipyard that would impact

My latest tiger story..

Posted by: Prerna Bindra on

My latest tiger story...

Dr George Schaller's comment on the story!

Many thanks for the tiger article. It is really superb and should be distributed widely in whatever form possible. Congratulations.


What ails our ‘star' tiger reserves?
Are our politicians serious about saving our big cats?
What needs to be done, and

The Similipal Tiger Reserve is reeling under tremendous odds. Keeping its core issues in view and seeking a constructive revival strategy, I, on behalf of Wild Orissa, among other steps that we are taking for Similipal, have written to the Minister of Environment and Forests seeking interventions. A press release to that effect

Sartaj Singh, Forest Minister, Madhya Pradesh says there are no "surplus" tigers in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, so he cannot accede to the request from Rajasthan to send a tiger to Sariska Tiger Reserve. Strange. Just a short while ago the same Minister said that Bandhavgarh had surplus tigers, which were successfully