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Urbanisation and Development

Urbanisation and Development

In the early 1900s one tenth of the world's population were urban dwellers. By 2006, it is estimated that half the world will be living in cities. Cities consume a major portion of the world's resources although they cover only two percent of the earth's surface. Within the period of 1990 and 1995, the population in cities of developing countries grew by 263 million. It has been estimated that some 52,000 people from 36 large Indian cities have been killed due to air pollution. In China, more than 200,000 hectares of arable land disappears every year in the name of development and creating more urban areas. If cities in developing countries continue to grow at present trends, the amount of water needed by households and industries will more than double.

City dwellers in western, developed countries generate approximately 100 times more refuse per person than urban dwellers in developing countries.


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