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At Sanctuary Asia, we aim to be India's most trusted resource provider when it comes to information on various subjects related to the World of Nature and the Environment. Below is a list of the offerings from our Resources Centre.



A directory of organisations working to protect our natural heritage. From toxics and waste management to alternative energy, forests and wildlife, here are individuals and organisations looking to work with you in preserving our biodiversity.


Government Departments

The Ministry of Environment and Forests is the nodal agency at the Centre for planning, coordination and policy formulation. Check out this directory on the various departments and agencies involved in wildlife and environment protection.

Green Law

If environmental crime only brings visions of a shikari to mind, read on... toxic dumping, mining in protected areas, forged and faulty EIAs... Ensure that the Constitution is upheld and the law enforced to preserve our natural wealth.


Protected Area Update

PA Update is a downloadable digest of news and information from protected areas in India and South Asia, produced by Kalpavriksh every two months.


Green Jobs & Courses

You can dedicate a career to working with nature. Irrespective of your educational background, there is a niche for any committed individual. Journalism, law, field biology are all specialised fields where your concern for nature would only be an asset.

Looking for formal training in what is already a passion with you? Choose subjects from environmental science to management or even law. Besides universities, several NGOs may also conduct short-term workshops that you can benefit from.


Biogeographic Zones

Ten biogeographic zones have been described in India based on internationally recognised, large distinctive units of ecology, biome representation, community and species.



An introduction to India's wildlife hotspots, tiger threats and our biogeographic zones mapped for easy access; also available as downloads.


Species Checklists

Millions of species around the world may be lost even before they are discovered. India alone has a total of 459 threatened species: 86 mammals, 70 birds, 25 reptiles, three amphibians, eight fishes, 23 invertebrates and 244 plants.


Quick Stats

Did you know? India's national standard for suspended particulate matter in residential areas is 2.3 times the 60 micrograms per cubic metre guideline recommended by the World Health Organisation. Click for more environmental facts...