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Canon Wild Clicks 5 – India’s Only Live Photography Contest

Canon Wild Clicks 5 – India’s Only Live Photography Contest

Corbett Tiger Reserve saw several budding wildlife photographers from across the country come together for Canon Wild Clicks – 5 organised by Nature Wanderers, in association with Sanctuary Asia and Wildcraft from April 5-9, 2014. Presented here are the winning images of the contest.

Animals in Their Environment: The Jumbo of Ramganga

Daanish Shastri Photo: Daanish Shastri.

Sixteen-year-old Daanish Shastri displayed extraordinary presence of mind to capture the essence of Corbett Tiger Reserve with this wide-angle perspective of an Asiatic elephant crossing the Ramganga river. The judges felt that the monochrome conversion gave this image a vintage appeal, which was chosen as the overall winner of Canon Wild Clicks 5.

Black and White: Drongo Overlooks a Jumbo

Divyanshi Jain Photo: Divyanshi Jain.

Fifteen-year-old Divyanshi Jain composed this interesting image of a drongo with an elephant in the background in the Dhikala grassland of Corbett. While the entire group was busy shooting elephants in black and white frames, Jain thought differently to come up with this award-winning photograph.

Cover Shot: Bonding at Ramganga

Shantanu Prasad Photo: Shantanu Prasad.

You judge a magazine from its cover and cover shot images need to have a powerful and emotional impact. Shantanu Prasad captured a tender mother-calf moment on the banks of the Ramganga river with this award-winning image in the ‘Cover Shots’ category.

Miniature World: Miniature Romance

Manish Vaidya
Photo: Manish Vaidya.

There are a lot of opportunities and natural history moments happening around us. It is just a question of visualising and being sensitive towards these moments as Manish Vaidya proves with this low-key image of an insect couple mating right outside his room.

Conflicts in Nature: Greens in Flames

Daanish Shastri
Photo: Daanish Shastri.

A thought-provoking image of a forest fire by young Daanish Shastri showcases the impact man has on nature. The mirrored reflection of the fire makes the viewer think and retrospect on the damage man has caused to the environment over the years.

My Choice: Trunk Bonds

Swapnil Deshpande Photo: Swapnil Deshpande.

Swapnil Deshpande had to be very observant to photograph an elephant calf having a share of grass plucked by its mother, which was the winner of the ‘My Choice’ category of Canon Wild Clicks 5.

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