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Caught In Mid-Air!

Caught In Mid-Air!

Eadweard Muybridge’s photography of moving animals in the 1880s captured movement in a way that had never been done before. The images you see here wouldn’t be possible without his pioneering work that is used by scientists and artists even today.

Desert Fox

Desert Fox Photo: Manish Vaidya.

A desert fox pup pretends to pounce on its prey during a mock hunt routine in the Rann of Kutchh.


Tiger Photo: Diinesh Kumble.

Tadoba’s resident queen Maya charges at a herd of unsuspecting chital.

Western Marsh Harrier

Western Marsh Harrier
Photo: Hemant Kumar.

A Western Marsh Harrier looks on in dismay as it drops its lunch – a checkered keelback – in the water below, in Hyderabad.

Gee’s golden langur

Gee’s golden langur Photo: K. Chandrashekar.

A Gee’s golden langur, one of India’s most endangered primates, takes off from the branch of a tree in Guwahati.

Skittering frog

Skittering frog Photo: Naveen Srikantachari.

A skittering frog leaves surface ripples as it skips across a waterbody at Kolar.


Dhole Photo: Karthik Ramamurthy.

Droplets of water trail a dhole framed in mid-leap at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve.


Mongoose Photo: Mendis Wickramasinghe.

In Anuradhapura district of Sri Lanka, a mongoose and a cobra engage in mortal combat.


Blackbuck Photo: Gurutej K.

A female blackbuck bounds away in sheer abandon at the Jayamangali Blackbuck Reserve.

First appeared in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol. XXXVII, NO. 1, January 2017.


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