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Three Young Shutterbugs

Three Young Shutterbugs

Three budding photographers display their skills with a camera.

Daksh Chadha, 17: I am a student, travel journalist and documentary filmmaker. I started photography as a hobby about two to three years ago and since then, some of my images have been featured in local newspapers in Mumbai (Hindustan Times) and Nagpur (Times of India). I have also made a few documentary films on different subjects, which can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

Drongo Photo: Daksh Chadha.

I love being in nature. It makes me curious about my own existence in the universe. Everything about nature and the wild is fascinating. Spending time in nature gives me plenty of opportunities to capture different moments and with my camera.

Bengal tiger Photo: Daksh Chadha.
Oriental White-eye Photo: Daksh Chadha.

Aashna Lal, 19: I am an aspiring wildlife photographer studying at Ashoka University. I learnt photography when I was 14 at Santa Monica College,  Los Angeles, California. When I moved back to India, I was really able to express my love for animals through photography.

Rhesus macaque Photo: Aashna Lal.

I visited many unknown forests and Protected Areas while interning with the World Wide Fund for Nature in 2015. I wish to help create awareness and preserve the environment through my photographs in the future.

Common copper Photo: Aashna Lal.
Spotted Owlet Photo: Aashna Lal.

Abhinandan Sharma, 18: I started wildlife photography when I was 12, when my father, a filmmaker, introduced me to it. My summer and winter vacations are spent visiting Bharatpur. I am the fourth generation in my family to be involved with wildlife photography and filmmaking. I feel privileged to be walking the same path.

Lesser Whistling Teal Photo: Abhinandan Sharma.

What I like most about being out in the wild is the time I spend alone and having a quiet time. It leaves me with a feeling which I don’t think I can find anywhere else in the world.

Indian Roller Photo: Abhinandan Sharma.
Brown-headed Barbet
Photo: Abhinandan Sharma.

First appeared in: Sanctuary Asia, Vol. XXXVI, No. 3, March 2016.


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