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The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Certificate of Merit: Pasan Senevirathne

At His Leisure: Being at the top of the food-chain sure has its perks. The luxury of sleeping in, for starters. The self-assured leopards of Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park have no competition from other big cats and can afford lazy moments of leisure. It was past eight in the morning when Pasan Senevirathne’s guide led him to a tree, which he had seen a leopard climb into the previous evening. To their surprise, the cat was still asleep on a bough, and continued to snooze for another hour, oblivious to his audience. When he finally emerged from his slumber with an almighty yawn, Senevirathne was ready to capture the moment for posterity. The unparalleled grace of the leopard and the delicate embellishments of moss on the tree make for an image that exudes ease and power.
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