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The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Certificate of Merit: Aditya Sanjay Dharne

Keyhole Chameleon: Emerald. Swamp. Jade. Pea. So very many subtle shades of green in this one inscrutable frame. It looks like stagnant water, but it’s from a tiny rip in a leaf that the eye of a chameleon is examining the world. Our subject would have been tarmac chutney if it weren’t for photographer Aditya Sanjay Dharne who spotted it trying to cross the busy Chandrapur-Mul highway in Maharashtra. Dharne escorted his reptilian ward across the road, where it allowed him a few frames before being swallowed by the greenery. The Indian chameleon is an incredible little ambush predator with a prehensile tail, quirky feet shaped into bifid claspers, independent eye movement and the signature ability to change colour, though not to camouflage but in response to the temperature and to communicate.
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