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The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Honourable Mention: Surya Ramachandran

Moon Frame: On a plateau in Hanle, Ladakh, a pair of Tibetan gazelle stand silhouetted in the milky glow of the rising moon. Surya Ramachandran envisioned, plotted and planned this lunarscape in balmy Chennai and then withstood freezing desert winds to execute it. This distant corner of the country harbours exquisite, specialist species such as the high-altitude Tibetan antelope, and is just as famous for its clear, star-spangled night skies. The paper- flat terrain creates the illusion that the massive circumference of the moon is within touching distance, serving as the perfect backdrop for images in silhouette. A fact that Ramachandran took full advantage of to produce this lovely, evocative frame.
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