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The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Honourable Mention: Soumabrata Moulick

Saffron Striped Tide: If there were ever an image to illustrate the peace of wild things and the adamance of humans, it would be this. This most poignant scene was immortalised by Soumabrata Moulick on a summer morning in Ranthambhore as devotees walked to and from the temple within the park. The movement of pilgrims, especially those on foot, inside Protected Areas has been an issue of contention for years. The chances of encountering wildlife are high, and the human impact on the landscape can be devastating. But given the passions that religion inflames, the subject has rarely been broached by political leaders. The four Hindu pilgrims in this astounding frame had been warned of the presence of a tiger in the area but had stubbornly crossed over the bridge. Perhaps they would have been less casual had they been aware of the massive male tiger sleeping below their feet. If nothing else, Moulick’s picture shatters any reputation of the tiger being a bloodthirsty beast.
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