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The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Honourable Mention: Ripan Biswas

Night of the Wasp: Ripan Biswas is no novice to macro photography. His single-minded focus on his craft has bequeathed the world a plethora of images of life forms that we seldom stop to consider. Content to photograph the insect life around his home in Coochbehar, Biswas spent hours standing in a swamp to make this image of an inquisitive looking red paper wasp. Suspended in mid-air, its wings a blur of motion, its antennae illuminated, the wasp stands out against the indigo sky. Red paper wasps use their saliva and vegetation to build their papery nests and are voracious little hunters. That Biswas created a clear image using manual focus, despite the size and speed of his subject is a feat that only those in the know will be able to appreciate.
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