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The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

Honourable Mention: Dhananjay Joshi

Hellhounds: Outside the safety of the enclosures erected for their protection in Rajasthan’s Desert National Park, two Great Indian Bustards (GIBs) narrowly escape the jaws of feral dogs. Photographer Dhananjay Joshi was peacefully watching two adults and three juveniles of this critically endangered species foraging when two dogs entered his frame. Alerted by their barks, the heavy birds took laborious flight. But had the attack occurred just a few months earlier when the juveniles were fledglings, they would have been ripped to shreds. With fewer than 100 Great Indian Bustards left in the wild, India could see its first major species extinction since the disappearance of the cheetah within the next decade. Joshi’s image is honest evidence of one of the many challenges to GIB conservation. It demands intervention and is thus an excellent example of conservation photography.
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