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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Special Mention: Mainak Ray

Forest Phantasm: Chips of wood rain down on the leaf litter and the powerful muscles of the panther’s back ripple as it comes slithering down a tree trunk in Kabini, Karnataka. Wandering on the high boughs of this crocodile bark tree, the cat gave Mainak Ray a window of just seven seconds to capture it in full frame. In the demure morning light, Ray used a high ISO in exchange for a fast shutter speed to capture the action. This is what lends the image its slight grain. Black leopards are fascinating, and to see one in such form, eyes pinned to the camera, claws unsheathed, is a rare opportunity. For the immense magnetism of its feline subject, this arresting frame gets a special mention.

LOCATION: Kabini, Nagarahole National Park, Karnataka DETAILS: Camera: Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Lens: Canon EF 300 mm. f/4 L IS USM, Shutter speed: 1/250 sec., Aperture: f/4, ISO 5000, Focal length: 300 mm.

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