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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Editor’s Choice: Indranil Basu Mallick

Snail's Pace: It is incredible how a camera in the hands of an expert can turn into both a scientific and a conservation tool. This image of a purposeful, slow-moving snail (Ariophantidae family) was shot in Matheran using an even-slower shutter speed of 15 seconds, during which the photographer fired the flash thrice at set intervals, from different angles. What you see is the result, beautiful in its simplicity and brilliant in its execution! The four delicate, translucent antennae on its head serve as visual, olfactory and sensory appendages. The mouth (not seen in the image), holds the key to its identity, based on the number of radular teeth.

LOCATION: Matheran, Maharashtra, DETAILS: Camera: Canon EOS 70D, Lens: Canon EF 100 mm. f/2.8 Macro USM, Shutter speed: 15 sec., Aperture: f/11, ISO 125, Focal length: 100 mm.

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