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Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

Conservation Mention: Arkaprava Ghosh

Kolkata Blues: In the rapidly developing satellite city of New Town, Kolkata, space for wildlife is swiftly shrinking. Where once stood the villages of Rajarhat and Bhangar, embellished by waterbodies and agricultural lands, now stand towering malls, offices and apartments. The wild animals that lived in relative harmony with villagers, now struggle to coexist with crude urban neighbours. Arkaprava Ghosh grew up listening to the symphony of jackals at sunset, but stopped seeing and hearing them as their population surrendered to the city. It is sad irony that the first jackal he saw in the vicinity after half a decade was this one – a glassy-eyed carcass, an old resident sacrificed to the development gods on the new black top road to New Town.

LOCATION: New Town, Rajarhat Township, Kolkata, West Bengal DETAILS: Camera: Nikon D700, Lens: Nikon 35 mm. f/2D, Shutter speed: 1/50 sec., Aperture: f/20, ISO 200, Focal length: 35 mm.

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