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Saurabh Sawant's Eyeview of the Animal Kingdom

Endemicity Personified

A recently-described species of bush frog, the parrot green Raorchestes indigo is very aptly named after the indigo (bright blue) colouration of the inner sides of its limbs. It is endemic not just to the Western Ghats, but is known to be found only from specific patches of the Kudremukh peak in Karnataka. The female frog seen here was photographed with the Kudremukh peak in the background to emphasise on this unique landscape and the frog’s restricted distribution in the shola grassland system in Kudremukh National Park. Such high endemicity makes most amphibians very specific and thus extremely vulnerable as well as excellent indicators of climate change and pollution.

Image taken with Canon EOS 400D & Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 with Canon 600 EX-RT Flash.

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